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Knowledge of Switchable Privacy Glass Solution

Knowledge of Switchable Privacy Glass Solution

Description ofSmart Glass (Switchable Glass, Privacy Glass, Magic Glass)

Privacy glass is laminated with special polymer film, which allows people to control the transparency of the final laminated glass. The smart choice can be controlled by electronic, sound, sunlight etc. Generally, the smart glass (privacy glass) is translucent when the smart choice is off and transparent when the smart choice is on. The smart glass can provide privacy, light control etc. for people. Smart glass technologies include electro chromic devices, suspended particle devices, Micro-Blinds and liquid crystal devices. And here we are going to talk about the privacy glass with Polymer dispersed liquid crystal devices.

The privacy glass is well implied in high class architectures, bank, office room, super-market, showcase, auto-car, hotel windows, jewelry store, etc.

When implying privacy glass, you need consider the cost of installation, the electricity power, durability, and the kind of functional features you care most, like the speed of switching, degrees of transparency when the smart choice is on, the size of the privacy glass etc.

The characteristics of Switchable film (PDLC FILM, Magic film, Smart film, Privacy Film)

+ The translucent state of switchable film

The switchable film is composed by two transparent conductive film laminating with a polymer liquid core. And the polymer liquid core composes crystal ball and polymer. When the light pass through the PDLC FILM and reach the liquid crystal ball and polymer, the light is scattering. And the switchable film appears translucent.

+ The transparent state of switchable film

When electricity power is connected, the polymer-liquid crystal core is allowing light pass through, the switchable film appear transparent.

+ Haze of switchable film

To identify the switchable film quality, haze (the opposite is transparence ) is the key parameter to describe the switchable film. When the power is on, the switchable film should be as transparent as possible , when the power is off, the switchable film should be more haze.

+ View range of the switchable film

If the scattering is more, the view range is wide, the switchable film appears more haze.

Two Kinds of Switchable Privacy Film

+ Non-Adhesive Privacy Film ——have to be processed in laminating way, but very good in safety.

+Self-Adhesive Privacy Film——Very convenient and flexible in installation of the already built windows.

The implication of Smart Glass(Switchable Glass, Privacy Glass, Magic Glass )

+ Imply Smart glass in door, windows or the glass insulation. For example, in the windows of the business office, when the smart glass is on, the state of the switchable glass is transparent, you will feel the room space is big, and feel comfortable. When you are in the business meeting, you need some privacy, you can just turn off the switchable privacy glass, the privacy glass turns to be translucent, you have the privacy.

+ Using the smart glass for projecting screen. In the state of translucent, the privacy glass can strengthen the view effect of the projection. The viewable range can be 140 degrees.

+ Imply the smart glass in bank industry, jewelry industry and showcase. When it’s off work, you can turn off the privacy glass, the sate of smart glass turns into translucent. Which can protect the high-value properties from the criminals. Also the smart glass is laminated with advanced EVA INTERLAYER FILM, when the glass is broken,the EVA INTERLAYER FILM will stick the broken glass pieces, avoiding the broken glass hurting people or properties.

+Imply the smart glass in hospital. The smart glass can be used to replace curtains, which is safe and solid and can be view insulation.

+ Imply the smart glass in high-end hotel, cooperation building, bathroom. Which shows the humane optional and high classic artistic sense.

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