De-lamination and Expose Solution of Processing Laminated Glass With EVA Film

De-lamination and Expose Solution of Processing Laminated Glass With EVA Film

General View:

I have talked about the Bubbles Solution for Laminated Class with EVA Film , and today I would like to talk about the other problems you may face in laminating glass with EVA FILM.

The common problems are: de-lamination and self-exposing of the laminated glass.


1) The heating temperature is not high enough or the heatig time is not long enough for the EVA FILM to melt and react totally, so the cross link reaction is not finished.

For this reason, please increase the heating temperature or prolong heating time of laminating.

2) The EVA FILM is out of the shelf life, most EVA FILM’s self life is about one year or longer. Please use the EVA FILM within the self life. Yes, different EVA FILM manufacturers may have different self life for the EVA Film.

3)Maybe it’s the problem of the quality of the EVA FILM. Send some film samples back to the EVA FILM manufacturer to test the EVA FILM again.

4)The moisture of the glass or EVA FILM is too much. EVA FILM are less sensitive to moisture, but if it’s too high, it will do harm to the adhesion of EVA FILM. Please dry glasses and storage EVA FILM in good way.

5)There is some organic substance on the surface of glasses. For example oily substance will also do harm to the adhesion of EVA FILM.

Please clean the glasses if necessary. You can use clean water, industrial alcohol, Acetone to clean the glasses.

6) When laminated with the painting papers (like PP, PVC), the printing ink is too much and not being dried.

Please dry the printing papers first before laminating with glasses and EVA FILM.

7) If you found the de-lamination is happening in the edges of the laminated glass, here is why:

Maybe the workers’ hand touch the edges of the glasses, and there are oily substance in the hand, which will do harm to the adhesion of the EVA FILM.

Please ask your worker to wear gloves.

Maybe its summer, and your worker work very hard, and their hands are sweaty. And the sweat will do harm to the EVA FILM.


1) The laminated glass is cooling too fast. Please do not open the oven door to help cooling after the temperature of the laminated glass is lower than 75 degrees.

2) Please avoid the hot laminated glass touching the cold water.

3) Put some wood blocks between the laminated glasses to make the cooling is well-proportioned.

4) The quality of the glass is not good, which are easy to expose.

5) The EVA FILMs are not eliminated the internal stress. Good quality EVA Film will be eliminated the internal stress to make the EVA film less contracting.

If the EVA Film are not eliminated the internal stress, then when laminating the glass with EVA Film, the EVA Film’s internal stress would try to contract to its original state and expose the laminated glass.

6.) The silicon bag is not clean, which means maybe some block inside the silicon bag. So when the pre- laminated glass on the block and vacuuming is working, the pressure would break the laminated glass.

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