Recipe of Heating SGP Laminated Glass in EVA Vacuum Ovens

Following data is based on [6mmGLASS+0.76mmSGP+6mmGLASS], if you laminating thicker interlayer or glass, please keep the temperature, but prolong the holding time for both stages by 10-30mins.

【1】A lot of EVA ovens work slightly differently, so you need to do some adjusting by yourselves along the way.

【2】Vacuum pressure: above 101

【3】Low temperature stage:

Cold vacuuming for 5 mins

10mins heating up to 65℃

Holding at 65℃ for 30mins

【4】Cook time 6mm & 8mm: 3.5 hours – generally have temp at 135 degrees C

【5】Always only one piece per bag, can not stack or place multiple pieces in one bag.

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