Steps of Purchase Smart Glass Film

Steps of Purchase Smart Glass Film
+First step, decide what kind of smart glass you are going to make: to install safety smart glass in the building, or make the installed windows smart. By doing this, you can know whether you need the non-adhesive smart film or self-adhesive smart film. If you need non-adhesive smart film, make you sure you have the laminating tools and machine.

+Second step, decide size of the smart glass film and the quantity fo smart glass film.
+Third step, decide whether you want to cut the size your want so you order the standard size smart film from suppliers, or you want order the correct specification you need from the supplier, meaning the suppliers will cut just the size of smart film you need.
+ Four step, choose type of smart film suits you.
+Five step, Confirm whether you need the smart film supplier to install the bus-bar for you and offer the power device.

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