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First in first out:RULE OF STORAGE OF EVA FILM

First in first out:RULE OF STORAGE OF EVA FILM
When we talking about storage of EVA Film.

Most EVA Film manufacturers will guarantee that self life of EVA Film for laminated glass is 6 months to 1 years.
So when store the EVA Film, please remember “first in first out” rule.
Make sure you use the EVA film you order early.
And also make sure you use the EVA Film during the self life period.
Because after the EVA FILM expired, maybe the adhesive strength, impact strength and transparency will be decline.

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Some glass processing factories wanders how to cut laminated glass successfully.
This video shows very well how to cut the laminated glass step by step.
First you cut one side of laminated glass, and impact it to see the line.
Then you cut the other side of the laminated glass and impact it again.
All left is the PVB FILM or EVA Film, then you cut the interlayer film, all will be good.
Although the video didn’t said whether the glass laminated with PVB film for the EVA Film, but truth is that, everything is the same.
Thanks to the video maker. You do a great job.
Please watch the video here:


Uploaded by myglasstrades on Aug 28, 2009
A video showing how to cut flat laminated glass. The tools and techniques used to cut this type of glass.
Oil glass cutter, L-square, razor blade and an optionsl propane torch.
Category: Howto & Style
Tags: glass laminated oil cutter square cutting
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